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Grapevine-Project.infoSelf-defined as a simple message aggregator, Grapevine can go through lots of different communication platforms and let you know what is trending there. Not only that, Grapevine can let you specify what topics interest you. This means that through this message aggregator you will learn about things which are said all over Internet, and that are relevant to who you are or what you do for a living.

So, think of Grapevine as a more developed version of Twitter trends, only that here platforms other than Twitter are being covered. That is the most remarkable aspect of the whole platform.

The one (possible) drawback is that you need to be conversant in Ruby to use Grapevine. That will definitely keep regular folks from it, but those who do know how to handle a Ruby server will have a splendid chance to customize the way in which they consume online news. And those who have never done such a thing before will have a good excuse to start learning Ruby, I suppose. In Their Own Words

Grapevine is a simple message aggregator.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The way it can bring messages from the whole Internet together is nothing short of useful.

Some Questions About

Will we ever see a less technical version of this service being released?