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GotProject.comWhen surfing the Web, we often come across pages that we find truly useful. Rather, we come across certain parts of pages that we find truly useful.


The one and only way we have of saving that information (be it a video, an image or an audio clip) is by bookmarking the page in its entirety. That is no reason to start singing “Woe of me!” underneath a pale blue moon, really, but a better (or rather, more practical) way to do it should exist. Well, it does. It is named GotProject, and you can read about it below.

GotProject is a tool that can be freely used by any person who wants to save only specific information from a site. That is what the site calls “clipping” – you “clip” these images, video files and even URLs and save them within your own library. This library is organized visually, and you can see what it was you saved (and probably remember the reason why) right on the spot.

In order to use this service, you must either create an account, or sign in using Facebook Connect. Any way or the other, there are no fees to be paid, and there is nothing to install – all you need is a web browser and something interesting to clip and save for posterity. In Their Own Words

“gotProject is an internet clipper powered by simplicity and minimalism. It can clip images, videos, urls and html from websites, and let you access and organize them in a visual way.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you truly save the best from the Web and leave the rest alone.

Some Questions About

How many clippings can you eventually have? Is there a limit that you must comply with?


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