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GoldLimiter.comThere are lots of contexts in which blocking the access that people have to the Internet is a top priority. Take employers, for example. They know that Facebook is one of the main timewasters ever, and they are ready to go to any length in order to have it blocked. And the same applies to parents who want to keep their little children safe from the horrors that can be found online. The things that can be found on the Internet even when doing some random browsing are nothing short of shocking. And that is why applications like GoldLimiter will never be in short supply.


GoldLimiter can be termed an Internet blocker that can be used to guarantee people who are using the computer where it has been installed will not stray from a given path. Social networks, sites with adult-oriented content, gambling sites… these can all be blocked using GoldLimiter, so as to ensure that the one using the computer in question will only see what he is meant to see, and nothing else.

A single license can be bought for $ 24.99, whereas those who envision using GoldLimiter in more than one computer at the same time can go for the provided family pack. This supports up to 3 different computers, and right now it can be purchased for $49.99. In Their Own Words

Block access to websites.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will give parents the assurance that their kids are not running into the kind of online content that is best left alone.

Some Questions About

In which other contexts can something like this be used?


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