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Goalpher.comGoalpher is one of these ever-popular applications for getting motivated and achieving all your aims. Like other platforms of this nature, it can track how close you are to making your goals come true via a web app. But the novel bit is how you are motivated and reminded about keeping at things. You see, users of Goalpher receive personalized assistance and support from a group of coaches that are always there for them.


These coaches can offer their assistance by text message, over the phone and also by email. The idea is that they will get involved in what the person wants to achieve, and offer him/her the right words of support at the right time. And all the feedback that they provide can be captured using the provided web application and reviewed later on, too.

In this way, Goalpher aims to provide users with something that is missing in most other motivational tools: a human presence. If you have already tried one of these tools and it failed to fire you up, then maybe Goalpher will manage to succeed where other related tools have failed by applying a personalized approach to it all. In Their Own Words

The best way to accomplish your goals.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The inclusion of a human element might just be the tipping point for many.

Some Questions About

Why an approach like this one was never tried before?


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