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Go2Convert.comConverting files from one format to the other is a chore any way you look at it, but at least there are applications like this one available to make thing slightly more palatable.


Go 2 Convert will let you take audio files of any kind and have them rendered into the format you choose from the many that are supported. These include mp3, wma, ogg, aac and flac. And you will likewise be enabled to upload images and have them converted on the spot. In this case, the supported formats are jpg, bmp, gif, tga and png among many others.

Go 2 Convert is an Internet tool. That is, it works on the browser. You must not download anything to your computer if you want to use it; all you do is upload your files, and retrieve them via the download links that will be produced once they are ready.

And the site offers something that not many offer in the shape of a knowledgebase explaining the differences between formats. That is a very nice touch, and something that other sites should certainly replicate. In Their Own Words

Free online file conversion.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The provided knowledgebase makes quite a difference in the long run – you will get to know into what to convert files for optimum results.

Some Questions About

Will the site be updated beyond this point?


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