Go-Gas.com – A Simple Way To Plot Routes

Go-Gas.comEconomizing, economizing, economizing, that’s the only thing that seems to matter these days. And that is why apps like this one keep on surfacing at a rapid rate.

We could say that Go Gas is a simple and intuitive Internet tool that will tell you know how much a car trip would cost. Then, it lets you share the result. This will be useful for planning a route with your friends, as in a couple of clicks everybody will know if the intended trip is something that he can foot, or if he will resort to hopping into a good old greyhound and meeting up with the rest of you at the point of destination.

Routes itself can be plotted in more ways than one, as you can click your way through an interactive map, and you can also start typing down addresses until you have covered the full length of the intended journey – routes can have as many stops as you want. And note that you are not required to sign up and create an account to start plotting.

Go-Gas.com In Their Own Words

“Gas calculator, calculate your gas consumption.”

Why Go-Gas.com It Might Be A Killer

It’s simple, useful and free.

Some Questions About Go-Gas.com

How long can a route be? Go-Gas.com