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Git-Tower.comTower is a fully-featured Git client for Mac. It has been built with one aim in mind, namely letting people overcome all the limitations of the command line interface that one is presented with by default when using Git.


Tower presents users with a neat UI that makes for performing all the operations at a mere click. Users are enabled to group repositories into folders, see local changes and check the status of remote repositories. And both repositories and branches can be managed along with stashes by using a handy sidebar. You will be able to rearrange and merge everything in a drag and drop fashion.

Additionally, all commits will become viewable at once. And if you want to focus on the latest ones only, then you can easily do that – you can have only the last few commits highlighted.

Tower is a paid application, but it can be evaluated for free for a full month. And it must be mentioned that Tower can already work in tandem with other tools and services such as Beanstalk, BBEdit, Coda and Kaleidoscope. In Their Own Words

The most powerful Git client for Mac.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It takes away the cumbersomeness that goes with any command line interface.

Some Questions About

How does this compare to other Git clients? What about the price tag? Is it really worth it?


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