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GetYourAM.comWe can define YourAM as a tool for the efficient managing of business appointments. Using it, you will ensure that both your own appointments and those of your employees are never overlooked.


That is so because once an appointment has been entered into the system updates will be put forwards when the time comes. These alerts are sent both via e-mail and SMS.

The application itself comes complete with an intuitive interface, and the fact that appointments can be booked through SMS simply gives it an even more realized edge.

Of course, the advantages of a system that does not rely on manual input to modify and deconflict schedules are evident. And the ability to have free slots automatically located and occupied goes a long way into minimizing errors, and the loss of reputability that comes with adjudicating two different people the same time slot.

You can give this application a try for free, and if you find that it suits your professional needs then you can go for one of the two paid plans – the differences lie in the number of SMS that can be sent, along with how many staff members are accounted for. In Their Own Words

“YourAM automatically organize and manage your business appointments in realtime.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Nothing looks more unprofessional than a scheduling mistake. A service like this one can minimize that all the way to zero.

Some Questions About

Is the free trial representative enough of the site’s services?


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