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GetWorkSimple.comConnecting distributed workforce has gone from being a tedious task to something really dynamic and commonplace all over the world. It might stand as one of the truly undisputed developments that we will always positively associate with the concept of Web 2.

0. As such, it is not really surprising that new tools for team interaction and communication see release – everybody has his own take on how that should be done, and which special needs should be covered. WorkSimple is a new one that will empower anybody to manage the activities he has to take care of in a working day, and make the necessary connections in order to get the job done when it should be done and not a minute later.

This system lets any team not only work together easily, but aspects such as onboarding and learning are fully accounted for.

When it comes to the price of this tool, there are three plans that you can choose from including a free one that goes by the name of “Start-Up”. The other two plans that are available are termed “Pro” and “Premium”. They mainly differ on the number of users. In Their Own Words

“WorkSimple is the easiest way to manage your workday, make connections and share feedback with your manager and teams.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an apt way for distributed workforce to coordinate efforts and improve its efficacy.

Some Questions About

How many users does the free plan support? Will that change sometime soon?