– Improving Your Productivity

GetPaprika.comSimply put, Paprika is a productivity tool that will let you get self-organized and record all these things that must be done in a context that leaves no room for misunderstandings. Using paprika you can proceed to keep track of your every note, to-do date and tags in a format that is text-based, and which is bound to keep distractions fully out of the picture.

That is Paprika’s most distinctive feature, actually – using text instead of buttons in order to capture everything results in a simpler way to set tasks down, and once you have mastered the syntax (something that is not that hard to do at all) you will be creating reminders and notes in a smooth way.

There is nothing tat you can achieve through button-based apps that you can’t replicate using this text-based approach – you can create projects and share them, you can set down important events to be reminded about them when the time comes… It is all possible, and once you have assimilated the way it is implemented then you will find it equally natural. In Their Own Words

“Keep track of all your notes, todos dates, and tags in a easy, quick, text based format. Productivity isn’t about drop-downs, or rating systems. It’s about quickly recording the things that need done, capturing what you don’t want to forget, and charting your way to the finish line.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The concept at the heart of it (IE, basing the system on text) is interesting, and it yields good results in practice.

Some Questions About

Will the learning curve be right for most users, or should something be changed?