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GetLookbook.comThis is one for fashion designers. By using this site, they will be able to create an online lookbook showcasing what they can do for their clients. Such a lookbook is powered by a proprietary viewer that displays photos in full-width format, ensuring that people browsing through the featured images will see the work in the best possible light.


It is important to stress that lookbooks come with full privacy controls. That is, if you create one you can make it accessible only to a couple of specific individuals. And it is also possible to make them publicly available, of course. It depends on what you are displaying, and who you want to reach out to. Plus, all the data that you feature on your lookbook can be made downloadable in a good couple of different formats. These include PDF attachments, tech packs and all-out high resolution images.

Naturally, lookbooks come with links for the sharing of looks and styles on social networking sites (EG Facebook and Twitter). In Their Own Words

An online lookbook and virtual showroom service for fashion designers.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Designers will relish having the chance to showcase their works in such an elegant way.

Some Questions About

Can you have the lookbook hosted on your own domain?


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