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GenerationStation.comIf you are looking for a novel and effective way to have the history of your family preserved for generations to come, then this is a service that you should certainly take a closer look at. Generation Station lets whole families create albums and stories in a collaborative fashion. All the major milestones in the life of any member can be narrated in a setting to which all his other close relatives can make a contribution to.


On Generation Station, a member of the family starts a thread, and then others can proceed to add their very own recollections (and media) to it, until the whole story has been covered from just every angle.

And a Facebook application named Remember is likewise available, and it will let you preserve the memories of those who have passed away.

A Generation Station account can be created for free. You will be able to start sharing your recollections and pictures with all those that you choose to add as your contacts on the spot. In Their Own Words

An entirely new way to create and preserve your family history.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let families preserve all their most treasured memories somewhere they will always be accessible.

Some Questions About

Besides pictures, what other media can be shared through the site?


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