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ForeUI.comForeUI is a new prototyping tool that can be run on your browser, and that will let you build both applications and websites. Prototypes that are created through UI are skinnable (and their appearance can consequently be changed as you see fit), and the use of flow charts makes for handling all type of events and behaviors.


Plus, prototypes can exported to wireframe images, PDFs and DHTML simulations – whatever makes it easier for the developer (IE, you) to share the design and get feedback on it. The site features an 8-minute introductory video that will let you know all the finer points of this application, and how it can be employed to streamline usability testing processes.

As it was mentioned at the beginning, ForeUI is a web-based application. Yet, there is also a downloadable version for those who wish to run it on their computers. Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Solaris are all supported to the same degree. Right now, ForeUI costs $ 99. In Their Own Words

Easy-to-use UI prototyping tool.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes usability testing far more dynamic both for those who have to give feedback, and for those who have to collect it.

Some Questions About

Is the browser-based version different from the full download in any sense? Are there features found in one, and not the other?


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