– Checking Real Time Web Stats

FootprintLive.comFootprint stands as a live visitor monitor that webmasters can employ in order to know exactly what goes on within their sites, second by second. You can easily access information such as which company or university your visitors come from, and you can se exactly how did each person arrive at your site – IE, what kind of search showed the way in.

By doing so, you can single out the content that is working out and emphasize it by posting related articles, whereas you can leave the content that is not being that fruitful aside.

As it stands, this app is a nice companion to Google Analytics – it does not substitute it in any sense. Rather, these snapshot analytics have been devised to complement such a service from the beginning.

In my eyes, the ability alone to see the clickpaths of visitors in real time makes it a worthwhile addition to the collection of tools of any webmaster. A live demo is provided for you to see what is happening to your site in real-time without having to install anything beforehand. In Their Own Words

“Footprint is a live visitor monitor. See and understand your traffic in seconds, and feel guilt-free about painful statistics. No reports to download. No numbers to crunch. Insight without pain.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a tool stands as a very nice companion to Google Analytics, and it effectively makes any webmaster’s work even easier.

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