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Foodmarkit.comThere are many sites which can provide you with recipes for free, so that when one which is paid such as Foodmarkit is released you can but look at it with curious eyes. However, a close analysis reveals that the service which is provided by Foodmarkit is actually quite appealing.


It doesn’t merely recommend any old recipe to you. It actually recommends only healthy recipes, and the application caters the ingredients specifically to each user.

The site will let you input these foods that you love eating, and by doing so you will start receiving healthy recommendations. The best way to understand this application is actually giving the free trial a spin. You will able to test Foodmarkit at no cost for seven days. Once that period has ended, you will be offered to buy a subscription.

If Foodmarkit manages to pick up traction, the programmer hopes to start implementing further refinement options for choosing the kind of recipes that will be delivered to you. For example, you will be able sort food based on diets, and also based on the amount of sodium that each aliment has. In Their Own Words

“You pick your favorite foods. We email you healthy recipes.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A site like this will give you a great chance to start leading a healthier lifestyle.

Some Questions About

Will it catch on?


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