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FlowMingo.comIf you are looking for ways in which to optimize your current business processes, then this is the kind of site you must make a point of checking out. FlowMingo is a workflow management system that will let you do exactly that: accelerate how your company functions on the whole. And it will let you do that in a very simple way, as it is a really easy-to-use application that has the enormous advantage of working on the browser from start to finish.

Using FlowMingo is really easy to assign and track tasks, upload documents that are meant to be shared and also design repeatable processes in order to save time and free up valuable resources. Plus, FlowMingo makes it really easy to quantify your throughput and have everything placed in a clearly-understandable setting.

FlowMingo is a paid application, with plans starting at $ 29. That is the Basic plan, and it is the one with support for up to 5 users and 1 GB of storage. If you need more, then you can go for either the Professional or Premier plan. All plans come with infinite processes. And they all can be tried for free, too. In Their Own Words

Easy workflow management for team.

Why It Might Be A Killer

With the way it can accelerate and streamline business processes it should let any company become more focused and productive.

Some Questions About

How easy is it to use at first? Must you read a manual to get going?

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