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Flisti.comSome people judge how good an application is based on how easily they can use it. If we were to go by that reckoning, Flisti is certainly one of the best applications that we can find when it comes to its particular field, namely creating surveys for site visitors to use.


As a matter of fact, Flisti is so easy to use that you are not even required to sign up for an account beforehand. Upon landing on the site you can proceed to create a survey with as many fields as you want, and with as many answers per questions as you feel like including. Once you are happy with the results, you will be able to use the provided string of code to add the survey to your site. Alternatively, you will be able to share it using the link that will be provided.

There aren’t really that many complex options to talk about – as a matter of fact, something as vital as adding a date of closure for the survey has been neglected. But that is probably in keeping with the spontaneous feel of the site. In Their Own Words

“Create free online polls without signing-up.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It must rank as one of the easiest tools for the creation of surveys around.

Some Questions About

Will some advanced options be provided later on?


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