FlipSnack.com – Create Flippable Books From PDFs

FlipSnack.comFlipSnack is a new web tool that you can use to have your PDFs turned into something that makes for a more dynamic reading experience than a flat document. Essentially, FlipSnack will let you take any PDF that you have created yourself, and have it rendered as a flippable book. This flippable book will be embedded into your website, and visitors will be able to go through its pages without having to download or install anything on their computers – it all works on the browser.

I think a service like this one is going to be particularly appealing to online retailers – they will be able to make their catalogs go live like never before. People who visit their stores for the first time will get to learn about the products they are selling in a more immersive way.

And the way everything works, users are allowed to upload several different documents at once. In practice, this means that multiple page flip publications can be embedded in the very same widget.

FlipSnack.com In Their Own Words

Make beautiful flipping books!

Why FlipSnack.com It Might Be A Killer

It gives anybody a great chance to take plain PDFs and have them turned into something engaging, without having to do anything remotely complex.

Some Questions About FlipSnack.com

Are all blogging platforms whatsoever supported? FlipSnack.com