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FitnessBliss.comFitness Bliss is a new browser-hosted application that you can try if getting in shape is a priority. That hasn’t necessarily got anything to do with looking good (although that always factors in the equation, obviously).


Rather, staying fit is advisable if only because it will guard you from these complications that slowly come with age.

So, a site like this one serves more purposes than one. You can use it to set down and track workouts, and also print them either for analyzing how far your goals are or for sticking them on the wall and feel all sunny when you see them first thing in the morning, as a reminder of your resolve and determination.

The software itself comes with over 600 exercises, and each of these includes illustrations that are animated. These will be great for the less athletic among us, who might have no idea how to set going at first. Besides, the site is accessible on mobile phones so that you will be able to keep up with your training schedule wherever you are. In Their Own Words

“Fitness Software for Workout Routines.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It offers a very flexible way of keeping in shape, wherever you are and whichever device you have close at hand.

Some Questions About

How often is this updated? How frequently are new exercises added?


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