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Fishmemory.netFishMemory is a new solution that combines hierarchical to-do lists with reminders. That is, it helps you to keep track of all these things that you have to attend to or remember in a list format.


And it also allows you to implement email reminders so that you will not end up forgetting about important stuff or things you have to do at a certain time.

Furhermore, FishMemoy provides you with a protected RSS feed with all your reminders, Among other obvious advantages, such a functionality will empower you to share your lists with whomever you want, be it the world or just certain people you know.

The site is quite straightforward to use, and if you pay it a visit now you will be able to watch a provided demonstration and also to go through these lists that others have created and which are public. In that way, you will most certainly determine if this app is for you or if you will stick to your good old trusty Google calendar in order not to let important dates pass you by. In Their Own Words

“ToDo lists on steroids.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It does its job (IE, letting you manage your tasks and remembering everything) in an intuitive-enough way.

Some Questions About

Which other services are provided on the site? Which ones could be provided next?


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