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FirstFollower.comDo you remember who the first person that followed you on Twitter was? Chances are you don’t, if only because that information is hardly going to keep you from sleeping at night. Still, having that information around is definitely funny, and it lends itself to some instant leg-pulling.


And that information is exactly what you can retrieve through this site, a site that goes by the more than apt name of “First Follower”.

The site is actually incredible easy to use, but that was to be expected. After all, do you want to go through a complex process in order to arrive at information that is so punctual? I bet your answer is a negative one.

Hence, on this site you simply key in your Twitter username and hit the “Wanna Know” button to be taken back down memory lane.

The only other thing that could be said about this site is that it is available both in Russian and in English – it is a Russian startup, actually, so it is only natural that the native language of the programmer will be supported. In Their Own Words

“Wanna know who was your first follower?”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a fun application, but it can also remind you how strong some allegiances truly are.

Some Questions About

What else can you find out through the site?


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