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Finance41.comFinance 41 is here to let you manage your personal finances that little more calmly. This Internet tool will let you keep track of your spending, your income and your whole savings using a very intuitive interface.


Adding transactions is something that can be done in a snap (just one input field has to be filled in), and once something has been added then editing it is equally painless. Tags can be modified and removed, and the more you use Finance 41 then the more intelligent the application gets, autocompleting fields as you are typing away and taking your full history into account at every step.

And the balance of your account can be reset in the event you have got confused and lost your bearings along the way.

As an application, Finance 41 is available at no cost. You can get the Chrome Extension for free, install it and begin using it without having to fish in your pocket and pay for the privilege. In Their Own Words

Free personal finance software.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a free application that will let you reduce the stress that comes from trying to make sense of your finances.

Some Questions About

Which currencies are supported?


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