– A Tool For Backing Everything Up

Fiabee.comBacking up your files should never be an afterthought, and I am speaking from experience here. We all think an accident won’t happen for us for the mere reason that people like to think everything in positive terms.

In the end, that makes it twice as bad as disaster strikes – we lose vital data when we least expect it. Well, this service is there to ensure that won’t happen again. Fiabee is a tool that will let you carry out both automatic and selective backups by simply signing up for an account. It can back mostly anything that has a certain degree of relevance – from photos and documents to even you email messages, you will be capable of storing your data and accessing your files whenever you want, and also share them effortlessly with your contacts.

Furthermore, a mobile version is provided in the shape of an iPhone app. That will let you access your data wherever you are. And if you want to share a file from the iPhone, you don’t need to download them first – you can create an automatic download link and send that out instead. In Their Own Words

“Some things you simply can’t afford to lose; family photos, personal documents, financial papers and so much more. Fiabee Online Backup gives you peace of mind by keeping a secure backup of all your important information. Finally an online backup drive that is so simple to use, fully automated and totally secure.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The safety of your files should always be a priority. Sites like this one make that easier to attain.

Some Questions About

Which fees must you pay if you decide to use this service?