Feng-gui.com – The Key To More Attractive Visuals

Feng-gui.comFeng-gui is an artificial intelligence service that emulates human vision during the first five seconds of exposure to visuals. This system can be used by webmasters and bloggers in order to realize which parts of their sites or blogs are attracting the most attention, and act in consequence.

Feng-gui is a web-based service which is put into practice by uploading a picture and clicking on the “Heatmap” button. Supported file types include jpg, png, bmp and gif, and the uploaded pictures can have a size of up to 5 MB.

Once the “Heatmap” button has been hit, the points of attention and attraction are spotlighted using different colors and gradients on the picture that was uploaded. The heatmaps that have been generated recently can be perused online, so you can see for yourself which layouts work out the best. The heatmap that was created using your picture can also be accessed by others, unless you click on the “Hide image from other” button.

Feng-gui.com In Their Own Words

“Find out how people see your website, photo or ad and which areas are getting most of the attention.”

Why Feng-gui.com It Might Be A Killer

It is a novel tool that provides a convenient and free service.

Some Questions About Feng-gui.com

What features will be introduced in future revisions? Feng-gui.com