Femtoo.com – Track The Way Web Content Changes

Femtoo.comThe Internet changes by the second. That makes things hard to track, but it is also the reason why the WWW is so compelling – each and every day you will have a new pile of content to go through and discover.

But however much we enjoy that process, we all are aware of business people with schedules so tight they can’t even launch a game of Tetris to kill some time – they just have no time to kill at all. And neither for browsing endlessly for information that could be retrieved in another ways. And Femtoo stands exactly as that – it is another way in which information can be procured.

In principle, Femtoo is a tool that will let you be notified automatically whenever new content is published in any site that you are keen on. This is an automatic process – you simply have to submitt he sites you intend to follow once and that is it.

And if you are a webmaster and you wish to give visitors the chance to keep an eye on your site 24/7, you can add a button to it and let them be notified automatically whenever new content surfaces.

Femtoo.com In Their Own Words

“Track changing Internet content.”

Why Femtoo.com It Might Be A Killer

The ones looking for a quick way to keep sites in check will put it to good use.

Some Questions About Femtoo.com

Doesn’t Google Reader play mostly the same role? Femtoo.com