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Faviz.comFaviz is perfect for those who are forced to browse the Internet from multiple devices to get things done on an average day at work. If you’re one such person, then Faviz lets you access all of these sites that you must visit daily without the need to install an app on your computer, your smartphone or your tablet. Faviz is a web tool that with one click or tap lets you see all your most-visited sites, and open them from wherever you are. In order to use this service, you just have to sign up for an account. That is going to cost you nothing, and once you account has been created Faviz is going to keep track of all these sites you visit more frequently.


So, Faviz makes having to bookmark sites and share these bookmarks between devices a thing of the past. I’m sure you can tell a tale of how you once had to quickly access a page from your mobile, and since you weren’t using your desktop computer that took you three times longer. And you came across as horribly unprofessional. Well, using a service like Faviz is one of the best ways to keep that from happening ever again. In Their Own Words

Quick access to your favorite links.

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What else can Faviz do? Which features should be added to make the service more appealing to general users?


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