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Fauxflash.comA site for students, Fauxflash takes flashcards as we’ve always known them and has them turned into something as quick and versatile as only the Internet makes possible. This new service basically lets students create as many decks as they need, and then access them from anywhere a web-enabled device is available. And also to have them shared. Whole decks of flashcards can be made public, so that others can benefit from your own work, and you can benefit from theirs when you need some study materials in quite a hurry and you have nowhere else to turn to.


And since decks are actually categorized, finding what you’re after is done in seconds. Some of the categories that are already featured include typically taxing subjects like “Calculus” and “Organic Chemistry” along with some languages (such as Spanish). And there’s even some categories that break the mold of what sites like this one usually include, such as “Sailing”.

Fauxflash is a free service. You’ll be able to create as many decks as you want, and to access the ones that others have created without having to pay a thing. All you must do is to sign up for the service. In Their Own Words

Fauxflash is an online application that takes the hassle out of flash cards and lets you get right to studying.

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How is this better than CoboCards or TestSoup?


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