KillerStartups – Making CSA Easier For Farmers

Farmigo.comFarmigo can be termed a management system that aims to make CSA processes easier for farmers. Through this system, farmers can deal with data entry, manual packaging reports and route planning in a simpler way, whereas payments are monitored in a context that is clearer for everybody.

The whole system is more than interesting for the simple fact that it fulfills the promise that made many farmers choose CSA over wholesale. In particular, it makes good on the concept of receiving payments in advance and have a monthly source of income that is more reliable than other modalities. Also, reports of farmers that failed to track harvest yields and match their capacity with the actual CSA demand have been recurrent. While this system does not make that vanish in thin air altogether, it goes some significant way into rectifying the situation.

Farmigo is wholly based on the Web, too. This means that there is nothing to install, and that there is no hardware to buy. And anything that keeps technology headaches to a bare minimum is always something people take a liking to more easily at the end of the day. In Their Own Words

“CSA management solution.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It does exactly what it purports to do, and farmers who are struggling to get back on their feet owing to the economic decline that hit everybody will find it worth a good look.

Some Questions About

Is a hosted version available if you want it?

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