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FansForeverAndEver.comGeocities fan pages had a true quality of their own. They were as disjointed as they were passionate. That was the result of people trying to cope with HTML and CSS at a time in which both were relatively new concepts, and being unable to really put elements into place (and correct such mistakes once they had been made). And when that disjointedness met with hero-worshipping, the results could be described in one word: unsettling.

As you probably know, Yahoo pulled the plug on Geocities just one year ago. Yet, their spirit is bound to live forever thanks to a service such as this one. Fans Forever And Ever will let you submit the name of any artist or band and have a Geocities-esque page created on the spot.

This page will come with just everything – a bio of the artist, photos, lyrics, poems… It might look like a silly way to have fun, but it is fun nonetheless. Music lovers will smile a good couple of times when looking at one such page. And they will vehemently deny they ever had one such page themselves back in the day. Just you ask them… In Their Own Words

Fans forever and ever.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great way to bring back some memories, and show younger users what fan pages were like back when there were no blogging platforms around.

Some Questions About

Where is all that data pulled from, exactly?