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EZShift.comEZShift is a new tool that brings a whole new degree of automation to the way in which shifts are scheduled. This browser-based application can take care of building, organizing and implementing shift schedules for users, taking everything from organizational needs to the abilities of employees into account. And the actual implementation of these schedules that are created can always be built in compliance with State regulations and the requests employees are allowed to make within each specific company.


In any case, EZShift is capable of solving all the conflicts that could crop up, and slow things down. Employee scheduling clashes and last-minute changes to schedules can be swiftly dealt with, and the same goes for these times in which there’s a lack of workers. Or a superabundance of them – EZShift can handle both scenarios equally well.

The four plans which are available are “Lite”, “Basic”, “Professional” and “Premium”. Notable differences include the number of employees that each lets you manage, the kind of requests that can be tackled, the way in which overtime can be regulated… The “Lite” plan has a base price of $50, and that price increases from one plan to the other. Still, picking the one plan that would work out best for you is very easy – the registration page lets you specify how many people you employ, and start the whole signup process in a 100 % focused way.

EZShift squares up to services like WhenToWork and Findmyshift. In Their Own Words

Automatic staff scheduling solution.

Some Questions About

What notifications options are provided? In which ways can employees be informed of these shifts they have to cover?


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