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Export.lyA traditional point of contention when it comes to the Social Web is the limited control or ownership that people have over the data that they upload. If you think about neither Twitter nor Facebook come with a button that automatically lets you have all your data exported from the service and stored in your HD.


That is slowly changing, though. Services like the one under review right now prove it, as lets anybody have an excel or CSV file with all his Twitter contacts generated and downloaded straight to his computer.

The uses people will have for such a file will obviously be different from one individual to the other, but one that quickly springs to mind is employing it to promote any product. That is a ready association, really – is there anything that makes for faster marketing reference than an Excel or a CSV file? And there is no denying the power a service such as can have for keeping an ordered backup or all the contacts that you have in your Social Web, either for personal or professional reasons. In Their Own Words

Export Twitter friends and followers to a spreadsheet.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Marketers could hardly get their hands on a better tool.

Some Questions About

What about Facebook? Is there a way to export the contacts you have there as well?


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