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Eslime.netIf you think that social bookmarking sites are a waste of time (why would you share your bookmarks? They’re yours, after all), then this new service is perfect for you. Eslime is a tool that makes it easy for you to save all the bookmarks that you want, and access them from wherever you are. If you’re working and you come across a game review that looks interesting but it’s just too long to be read at the office without the boss suspecting you’re not getting that thousand-cell spreadsheet ready, then Eslime is all you need. You can save the link in one click, and you’ll get to read the article when you get back home.


This is obviously a lot faster and far more effective than sending the link to yourself via email. And Eslime is 100% free to use, too.

Granted, there are some social bookmarking services that actually let you create and apply privacy filters. But let’s face it, most people can’t be bothered. It’s too much of a hassle. So, it’s only fair to assume Eslime is a service that could find a clear niche out there. In Their Own Words is probably the best site to store your bookmarks. You can use totally free. do not have any social feature. Because your bookmarks are YOUR BOOKMARKS and you are not interested in stupid sharing options. :)

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