KillerStartups – A Rostering System For Churches

Elvanto.comElvanto is a rostering and volunteer management software that is specially suitable for churches. It stands as a completely web-based solution that will enable volunteers to log in from anywhere a web-enabled device is available, and check the positions that they have been rostered to within each specific service.

And Elvanto also lets each volunteer submit unavailability in the event that he or she is going to be away.

In this way, churches of every size can proceed to organize their volunteers, and the fact that multiple church locations are supported will let these churches that have multiple branches across a city (or even the whole world) deal with everything from one centralized spot.

Elvanto comes in two versions, one that is available for free and which is limited to 10 volunteer accounts, and another which is paid and that has no such limitations. In both cases, the general outlook of Elvanto can be customized in order to give each department in the church its own feel and style. And it is even possible to use your own domain and add that further touch of distinctiveness. In Their Own Words

“Chuch rostering and volunteer management software.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will empower churches of every size to smoothly handle its volunteers and worship armies, no matter how distributed they might happen to be across the country (or even the whole world).

Some Questions About

What other advantages has signing for a paid plan got?

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