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Eleptron.comThe rate at which web services such as Eleptron are released is unstoppable. And it is all quite understandable, too. Services for managing distributed workforces are released every half an hour if only because working remotely has become the commonest thing in the world. An enormous demand equals an enormous number of products that aim to meet it.


On to Eleptron, then. It is an app that can be used to manage distributed teams right as if everybody were sitting in the same room, working side by side. The one in charge can assign tasks to all the members of the team, and they will acknowledge them immediately. They will then be able to report on their progresses, and request all the assistance they could possibly need if they get stuck.

A basic version of Eleptron is available for free, and there are also two paid plans. They are named Startup and Business, and each comes with support for a different number of users and teams. And only the Business plan will let you upload data that never expires. In Their Own Words

Manage remote teams as if everyone is in your office.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a powerful solution for the management of distributed workforces. And the pricing is right.

Some Questions About

Can you try it for free beforehand?


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