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EduTecher.netThere are so many web tools teachers can use in their classrooms that separating the wheat from the chaff takes an incredible effort. And being a teacher is already an around-the-clock job to begin with. The minds of teachers seldom stray too far from their classrooms. It would be terribly unfair to expect them to devote even more time than they already devote to their jobs. They actually need all the support and help that they can get.

And that is exactly what a site like this one is here to provide. EduTecher is where educators can know all there is to know about these web apps that could make their lessons more productive, and their overall lives that much easier. Thousands of tools are already included on the EduTecher database. In each and every case, detailed information on how to maximize their usability in real classroom settings is provided.

And the site is excellently rounded by a personal learning network that lets teachers connect with each other, and discuss how to provide their students with a much better classroom experience. In Their Own Words

eduTecher was founded in late 2007 as a way to keep track of the growing number of web tools that could be used in the classroom setting.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Teachers will get to know about the best tools to use in their classrooms without even having to try that hard.

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How many new apps are added to the database each week?