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eClustr.comA new platform for sharing your favorite links, eClustr stands as an interesting alternative for letting others participate in the way you experience the Web.

Users of eClustr are allowed to create something akin to a tree in which all their favorite links are grouped by category. Others can then go through them, and find sites whose existence was unknown to them until then. They will then be able to add these links to their own trees of links, and have them shared further on.

The site is really easy to use, with a simple design and a UI that is sure to let you get things done quickly, not put a spoke on your wheels.

Sites where academic connections can be made, sites compiling the best Linux resources, news sites… that is the kind of content you can already find here.

As a service, eClustr is free to use. Creating an account costs nothing, and the same goes for sharing (and resharing) links around. In Their Own Words

eClustr lets you categorize and share your favorite links.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes it very easy to share the best links you have, either for personal or professional reasons.

Some Questions About

In which ways can this service be improved?