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eBusinessCard.neteBusinessCard is a service that mixes business cards with emails. In very general terms, users of eBusinessCard can proceed to integrate all the information a business card traditionally has into any email that they send.


Texts, photos and links can be added to the actual email, and such information becomes displayed at the end of the message, much like a signature. And that data can also be added to any Word document that emanates from the company.

The logic behind a service such as this one is entirely clear, namely giving people who might never have heard of you company until the moment they received your email a chance to learn more about it. Also, a service such as this one standardizes all the emails that are sent by people within your company, effectively giving clients a more professional image.

Plenty of free templates are already provided for you to choose the one that would suit the spirit and vision of your company best. In Their Own Words

Brings your email to life.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a really great way to transmit a more professional image.

Some Questions About

Which other uses can this be put to?


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