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EasyTasker.comIf you have to coordinate a team and ensure they are acting according to plan 24/7, is the only way of keeping track of what they are doing by staying in front of your desktop day in and day out? Not really. There are mobile apps for everything, and it comes as no surprise that there’s one for managing a team when you are on the go.


Easy Tasker is exactly that. It is a tool that makes for both for desktop and mobile business management, and which lets you deal with timesheets and projects easily. It also enables you to handle invoicing and the overall relationship with clients and customers. The invoicing capabilities are particularly commendable, as you can send them as PDFs as well as adding a “Pay Now” PayPal button to any of them. Besides, invoices are automatically deducted from your projects, so that is one thing less to worry about.

This app is compatible with most mobile devices on the market today (that includes iPhones and Blackberries, obviously) and your every activity is synchronized among devices. That means any change you implement while using your mobile is reflected on your desktop, and vice versa. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to easyTasker, our Online Project Management, Business Management System for small to medium sized businesses looking to manage their projects, timesheets, invoices, expenses, clients and staff delegation, either in the office or out on the road.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a comprehensive enough tool in terms of supported devices, and that will make it appealing to a large audience indeed.

Some Questions About

Are there different plans for you to choose from?


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