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Earndit.comMotivation is hard to find and easy to lose, and there is no end to the amount of web applications that aim to find a miracle cure for that. They are mostly focused on giving people tangible rewards for keeping at these things that are traditionally taxing and tiring. Earndit certainly does. Basically, users of this service will be able to get rewards for exercising as they have always done.


By getting any of the many mobile apps and devices that are available (including sensors and wristbands) and syncing everything up with Earndit, people will become eligible for cool prizes once they have reached certain milestones. These prizes include everything from gift cards and vouchers to one-on-one sessions with qualified personal trainers.

Of course, before you can sync anything up you must get an Earndit account of your own. These are created for free, and you can always use your Facebook, Twitter and Google account to authenticate who you are instead. So that is surely not being a problem. In Their Own Words

We have created a system that gives you more immediate rewards for your exercise. Our hope is to foster a more active lifestyle in each of us, and in turn play a small role in improving the health of our users.

Why It Might Be A Killer

A rewards system such as this one is sure to get absolutely everybody exercising, specially now that summer is upon us and getting in shape is a priority.

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