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E-Board.comGiving this website a try is a good idea if you are in the board of directors of a company and you are looking for a way in which documents could be shared more easily among fellow directors. Basically, through this site you will be able to implement what is called a “board portal”.


Such a portal is a platform that can be used by the board of directors of any company in order to access documents, exchange information and (generally speaking) collaborate in a more elastic and dynamic setting. As a matter of fact, it is possible to conduct online meetings with full web broadcasting capabilities and create a virtual meeting room through this system.

Documents themselves are organized very intelligently using E-Board as you can upload a file once and have it associated with multiple folders. Besides, you can limit the access to documents by creating and applying specific permissions.

As a platform, an e-board is hosted on the browser and that has all the inherent advantages of such platforms, IE data is baked up automatically and you don’t have to worry about upgrading anything either. Still, I think that an installable version of E-Board could be useful, and I look forwards to the availability of such an option someday. In Their Own Words

“The intelligent way for Board of Directors to communicate.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Communicating anything becomes suppler through such a system – it enables users to share documents as privately as they want, and even take part of online meetings.

Some Questions About

Will an installable version of E-Board ever become available?


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