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dynOZ.netWe can define dynOZ as a service that will let webmasters update business hours and course schedules on their sites, with a minimum of fuss. In essence, this is achieved by having the information stored in a centralized location (IE, the dynOZ website), and all the data that you input there will be instantly displayed on your site.


Plus, dynOZ comes with a really practical interface that simplifies the actual inputting of the data to no end – no need to worry about dealing with HTML at all. As any webmaster could tell you, that is one of the main concerns when having to update hours and schedules online.

And being able to store all that information centrally (as dynOZ lets you do) is something that will be instrumental for when you want to release a Facebook app to go with your site. All the data will be accessible by the application, without you having to do anything complex or fanciful at all. In Their Own Words

Efficiently maintain business hours and course schedules in the Internet.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The way everything works, through dynOZ you will be able to keep your site updated almost automatically. And you will also be enabled to keep apps fully operational.

Some Questions About

What else could a system like this one be good for? Which other uses have its programmers envisioned?


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