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DynaFile.comIn a nutshell, DynaFile is a platform that lets companies store and manage all their documents online. Such a service is based on a logical premise: the efficacy of an organization is reflected by how quickly it can locate and process its business-critical documents.


DynaFile, then, stands as a flexible online alternative to disorganized electronic files and (worse still) these towering, overflowing file cabinets that make finding information take three times longer than it should take.

DynaFile lets users scan, store, annotate and organize documents. These documents can then be shared with as many colleagues or clients as the user wants, and everybody can then proceed to collaborate on them. Approvals can be obtained in minutes (even seconds), and without the actual location of users mattering at all. And in each and every case, all that is shared is shared via encrypted links.

So, DynaFile stands as one of the truest paperless filing solutions available right now. And its true strength lies in how it lets users collaborate dynamically around the content that is uploaded, accelerating business processes and reducing lag times. In Their Own Words

Document management software.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Any organization will greatly reduce its operational times and demands significantly through such a service.

Some Questions About

How long would it take an office to go fully paperless like this?


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