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Done.ioWe can term Done a to-do list that aims to simplify proceedings as much as possible by highlighting only these tasks that demand immediate attention. In that way, you will only be presented with these things that have to be attended to at any given moment.


Other tasks will be showcased in due time, when they have to be dealt with. Not before, and not later.

The key concept here is what the site terms “shifts”. These are a way to push less urgent items on the list until the time when they have to be taken care of materializes. Besides, any incomplete items when the day ends will be automatically shifted to the next day’s list.

This system will be appealing most of all to busy entrepreneurs. That is, people who need to cope with a large number of different tasks, and that need to prioritize them if only because it is impossible to take care of every single one in a working day. The way things are shuffled means that the tasks will stay in mind, but out of sight until they have to be dealt with once and for all. In Their Own Words

“Done is a simple to-do system that helps you focus on what’s important right now.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The concept is fresh and useful, everybody will be able to maximize his time through it.

Some Questions About

In which ways can this service be further enhanced?


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