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DocVerse.comMany professionals are used to working with different applications when it comes to making their presentations. No matter if you need to create a PowerPoint presentation in order to show a new product, or if you need to use an Excel sheet to make different calculations and statistical analyses, it is essential that you make sure you have a copy of your work elsewhere just in case something happens.


DocVerse, is an efficient system that gives users the chance of synchronizing their PowerPoint documents while they are creating them with a system that will keep a copy of them that can be recovered anytime. The system is already highly compatible with different versions of Microsoft Office.

This is going to be an efficient service for people that want to get rid of the problems they face when they attach documents to their emails each time they make a change. You already know how annoying that scenario is, and this system provides you with a solution to that conundrum. The system also allows you to send you documents simply and fast, as well as to collaborate with others by posting your comments on the document. That means that this is going to be a good way for users to create a single document together. In Their Own Words

“With DocVerse, sharing documents is simpler than you could imagine. You’ll wonder why Office doesn’t work like this. Many people, one document, no problems. Everyone in your group can edit the SAME document. DocVerse enhances Microsoft Office instead of replacing it. You get all the benefits without having to learn a new application.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it maximizes the way professionals or students can work with Microsoft office, offering them a tool they can use to collaborate seamlessly.

Some Questions About

Will there be new versions compatible with other operating systems?


Author : Paul Barker

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