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DocShaker.comAs you probably know, in Law the defining moment of any contractual obligation is the actual signing up of the document. That moment signals the instant in which both parties agree upon what is stipulated in the document and a legal bind is generated.


The site which I am reviewing right now is one that aims to make such a part of the process a more flexible one, as the sign up process is carried out over the web.

The way it works is as easy as it should be to stand a chance: the user creates an account and then adds clients. The user also creates templates and defines fields, and when a specific instance arrives and a contract needs to be drafted these templates are customized and the final document is send out for signing. The signature is added by way of either Twitter or digital signature services, and the contractual obligation is there and then born.

As you can see, it is all very simple and also practical. While Law is by definition one of these zones in which informatics are not necessarily welcomed with arms wide open, this solution seems to have found a nice niche to me. You can arrive at your own conclusions by visiting the site and putting it to the test for free. In Their Own Words

“Get user confirmation for documents online. Consider for terms and conditions, proposals, contracts, non-discloure agreements, project sign off’s & more.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It streamlines a process which is too time-demanding otherwise, and it does so in a clear and understandable way.

Some Questions About

Is such a system available to people everywhere, or only within certain countries owing to legal requirements?


Author : Roger Hollings

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