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DocQ.comSharing documents online is nothing new. The most popular application or platform to these ends might just as well be Google Docs, but just in case you want to look at such a task from another angle this website could be taken into account.


Essentially, it will let you share a document with whomever you want and edit it on the web. That is, the document can be annotated and edited easily by any person you are collaborating and sharing it with. And the document can even be signed up online. This makes the undertaking of contractual obligations with your clients a far more accessible task – no more printing and shipping.

This solution also has the advantage of letting you store everything in the cloud, safe from any accidental erasure or unfortunate incident. So in addition to making the process more streamlined, it also makes it more secure. If you want to know more, I advice you to take the product tour which is provided on the main page. And during the existing beta phase, you can try it out for free. In Their Own Words

“DocQ is a creation from Docudesk, a leader in PDF document software that has been providing affordable alternatives to Adobe Acrobat since 2003. Being in this business has let us see nearly every kind of document related problem that one could imagine.

After seeing thousands of customer requests come through Docudesk over the years, it became clear that main reason customers were creating PDF’s in the first place was to make a professional looking and secure document which they could share with their customers.

But customers would spend time crafting the documents, only to print them out and fax or FedEx them completely eliminating the utility of the PDF in the first place and unnecessarily extending their sales cycles, contract approvals, loan agreements, and insurance claims.

In light of these observations and to support customers’ demands in sharing documents, DocQ was conceived.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A tool like this one streamlines a process which is incredibly long and tedious otherwise.

Some Questions About

How many plans are there going to be eventually available? Will there be a free one?


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