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DocMeIn.comA new online service that is available for free, DocMeIn will let private healthcare providers take and manage patient appointments using a supple interface. This interface is really intuitive – all the appointments that patients make can be arranged and rearranged in a drag-and-drop fashion, and colored cells can be used in order to tell the exact status of each appointment – which have been scheduled, which have been confirmed…


Additionally, something as pivotal as the delivery of reminders is automatically dealt with. When the time comes, the patient will be contacted and courteously reminded about his upcoming appointment.

And another commendable aspect of DocMeIn is that practices get to have their own dedicated pages, where they can include information such as business hours and their addresses in full. Maps with all the necessary directions for easily getting there can also be included. Patients can log in to these pages to confirm or cancel their appointments, and also to schedule new ones. In Their Own Words

Medical scheduling made easy.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes it very easy for patients to schedule appointments, and for practitioners to manage these appointments in a timely and accurate way.

Some Questions About

What else can be done through the site?


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