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DailyScreenshot.comA great way to stay on top of these sites you are going up against, Daily Screenshot will let you have a good idea of how they are evolving in visual terms. As its name implies, what this service can do is to take daily screenshots of any site, and then having them delivered them to you. The idea is to let you track which changes your competitors are implementing day by day, and take all the necessary steps in order not to lose ground (or even face)


And something like this can also be used to track your very own site. By storing daily screenshots like this over a long period of time, you’ll have an increased awareness of how your website has been changing over time. The sequential order in which screenshots are displayed will let you contextualize all the changes you have ever made so much better.

Four different plans are provided, with the cheapest (Bronze) costing $4.99, and the most expensive (Platinum) being billed $39.99. You can tell one plan from the other based on how many pages each one lets you have tracked in a month, the quality of the screenshots that are submitted, and how long these are actually stored on the company’s servers. In Their Own Words

Follow the visual evolution of any website.

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What kind of assessment can provide on the images it delivers?


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