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DailyPoll.meThis is a social site with a strong gaming element, as users are invited to answer a poll each day in order to get points they will eventually be able to redeem for real life prizes. They won’t be alone in that, of course – they will be going against other site users that are doing exactly the same. The site actually features a leaderboard that makes it transparently clear who has answered the most polls (and more successfully, too). The idea is to encourage everybody to do their best. And that goes well beyond submitting answers, as users of the site can actually contribute their own polls for everybody else to answer.


They can deal with mostly everything – their favorite social networks, their favorite mobile devices, their best-loved athletes… Just anything can be asked on But if you intend to use it, be reasonable – only if you ask something which has true widespread appeal will people be enticed to answer it massively. And only if that happens will you actually have a chance to climb higher and higher on the leaderboard. In Their Own Words offers a new poll for you to complete everyday. Every poll you complete, you earn points. Eventually, these points can be used to redeem rewards and more.

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Wouldn’t a service like this one work really well within Facebook?


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