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D.ropulo.usThis is one for our friends in England. Basically, what this site does is to let anybody sync weather information as provided by the BBC to an iCalendar format.


The idea is to enable people who are all day and all of the night immersed in their calendar applications check weather data without having to leave them and go elsewhere in order to get that very same information.

In keeping with such a concise service, using the site is certainly easy – all you have to do is enter the name of the city you are located in to be provided a link for adding weather information to your calendar. No need to sign up or disclose who you are at all.

While nobody would mistake this site for the reinvention of the wheel, it is certainly helpful and it does its bit more than accurately. It is also entirely free to use, so that if you want to give it a good try you can do it right now. Simply click on the link which is provided below. In Their Own Words

“Get weather in your calendar.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes deciding whether to take that umbrella with you or not a far easier task.

Some Questions About

How can this service be further expanded?


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